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Synergis develops onground, online and hybrid degree programs to better serve the ever-growing non-traditional, adult learning population.



We are higher education professionals with a passion for academic excellence.


Our mission is to empower our partners to leverage their strengths and

develop innovative academic solutions that serve 21st Century students.


Foster an environment that enables educators to connect with peers across disciplines in an open community.


Drive our partners’ achievement in scholarship and merit by developing engaging courses.


Leverage emerging technologies to enhance the learning experience and foster the connection between teacher and student.


Strengthen our partners’ understanding of the tools, techniques and best practices that support the needs of 21st Century students.

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Recording Audio With Audacity

January 20, 2015

Whether you are on a PC or a Mac, it’s always good to have a couple ways of capturing and editing audio. In my professional experience, the bundled options on
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Saving Universities in the Era of MOOCs: Supporting Educators to Support Students

December 18, 2013

In every school I’ve seen, teachers who want to incorporate multimedia learning objects into their courses have no choice but to produce those materials themselves. Teachers who want to offer
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Process Versus Product: Thinking About Competency Based Programs

December 2, 2013

The recent release of a letter from the US Department of Education (DOE GEN-13-10 March 19, 2013) establishes a mechanism for academic programs that use direct assessment of student learning
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Applying Gagne’s Events of Instruction to Recorded Lectures

July 11, 2013

Many online courses use a recorded video lecture as part of the weekly activities. Video lectures present challenges to the course designer to craft an experience that the learner will
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